Tessera Group business activity.

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A journey full of surprises and camaraderie for the Grupo Tessera team

September 22, 2022. On this occasion, Grupo Tessera, a leading technology company, has trusted us to provide them with an unforgettable trip to the beautiful Estancia del Cuadro, located in charming Casablanca, Valparaíso.
This special event aims to strengthen the ties between the members of the Grupo Tessera team while they enjoy a unique experience in a natural and spectacular environment. We have prepared 4 luxury buses to transport the participants and make sure that their trip is comfortable and pleasant.
La Estancia del Cuadro, known for its beauty and elegance, will welcome us with open arms. Its extensive landscapes and charming vineyards will create a perfect environment to relax and enjoy nature. In addition, you will have the opportunity to witness an exceptional Equestrian Show, where the art and skill of the riders will leave you breathless.
During the day, Grupo Tessera will have the opportunity to enjoy interactive and dynamic activities specially designed to foster camaraderie and strengthen teamwork. Participants will be able to participate in games, challenges and integration activities that will put their creativity and problem solving skills to the test.
In addition, delicious dining options will be offered, including a gourmet lunch and a selection of premium wines to pair with the culinary delights. It is sure to be a complete sensory experience that will delight participants and give them a moment to remember.
Do not miss this exciting Tessera Group Business Activity at the Estancia del Cuadro. Join us and immerse yourself in a day of adventure, learning and fun. Register now and secure your spot at this exceptionally memorable corporate event!