Teletrans in the palliative care congress Latin America

Teletrans in the Congress of palliative care Latin America

Teletrans, was the company in charge of transport in the Congress of Palliative Care Latin America, in Lima, Peru. The corporate transportation expert moved the guests of the Congress to all the places they needed during the event.

Teletrans has a group transportation service either from or to the airport as well as all around the city that is requested, in this case in the Peruvian capital. In addition, the company has a modern fleet and professional drivers to perform all the requested services, whether the executive transportation service, as the corporate transportation, and group transportation in Lima works all the year. For reservations and more information, you can check

Experts in executive transportation worldwide

Teletrans is a company that is exclusively dedicated to land transportation, that´s why it has a specialized service in executive transportation in Lima, Perú, in many, Latin American countries and also in the United States.

Through a team of specialists, the company organizes, coordinates and manages the transportation of large groups of people for corporate events and also businessmen who must travel to meetings or conferences and take them wherever they need and at the moment they need it. Airport transfers and city transfers is included in the services they have.

The services provided by the company are notable for being made in modern buses and cars that have the ability to meet all customer needs, they also work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Comfort, security and punctuality are part of the characteristics.

In addition, the company with more than 15 years of experience has professional drivers in charge of the service, who are prepared to cover all areas related to both tourism and executive transportation where hundreds of international businessmen have planned their meetings and events. Also, our employees have the ability to solve any inconvenience that any of our clients may have during their stay. The company specialized in executive transportation is committed to a high-quality service and efficiency at every moment.