Private transportation United States Embassy, ​​Antofagasta

Transporte Privado Embajada de Estados Unidos, Antofagasta

Private transportation United States Embassy, ​​Antofagasta

Antofagasta, March 2, 2024 – We are pleased to announce that we were selected by the US Embassy to transport US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in Antofagasta, on the occasion of her visit to promote climate change. On this occasion, they requested full-day services with executive minivans Mercedes Benz Vito for 5 consecutive days.

Teletrans, recognized for its efficiency and comfort in transportation, was selected as the official transport provider for this event. During the transportation, our drivers ensured seamless transfers, allowing the Secretary and her team to arrive on time and safely at all their activities.

Focusing on private transfers with executive minivans, Teletrans committed to providing high-quality service that reflected the importance and professionalism of the event. From hotel transfers to daily trips to various visit locations, Janet Yellen and her team enjoyed punctual, safe, and personalized service designed to meet all their transportation needs during their stay in Antofagasta.

The Teletrans driver team ensured that each journey was a smooth experience, providing a calm and professional environment for the Treasury Secretary and her team to focus on their activities. Additionally, Teletrans’ flexibility allowed for adjustments in schedules and routes according to changing needs, thus guaranteeing maximum comfort and efficiency in each transfer.

This successful collaboration between Teletrans and the US Embassy highlights Teletrans’ ability to adapt to the specific needs of high-level events, offering tailored transportation solutions that meet and exceed expectations. Teletrans’ dedication to service quality is reflected in every aspect of this collaboration, further solidifying its position as a leader in event transportation in Chile and beyond.

If you would like more information about Teletrans’ private event transportation services or wish to plan your next event transfer, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing high-quality transportation solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring an exceptional travel experience.