Princess cruise ship up in Puerto Montt, Chile

Princess cruise up to Puerto Montt

With a population of 245,902 inhabitants according to the last census, an area of ​​1,673 km2, and surrounded by attractive and unforgettable landscapes, the Teletrans team received Princess Cruises passengers in the city of Puerto Montt. After a long journey at sea, the Princess Cruises passengers arrived at the port to take a group excursion in the Los Lagos region thanks to the Teletrans group transport service. One of them was Los Saltos del Petrohué which are located 50 km from the city of Puerto Varas, and to get there, it is necessary to skirt the Llanquihue Lake, their tourists could enjoy the landscape and appreciate the natural wonder of this place and then enjoy of a delicious cocktail by the river.


Group Excursions for Cruises

At Teletrans, we offer land excursions service for many international cruise lines in the main ports of Chile, Latin America, and the United States. Through the company’s operational team, it organizes, coordinates, and manages the transportation and logistics of large groups for corporate events both in Santiago and in the main cities of Chile.

Our services stand out for being carried out in modern buses that can meet all the needs of our customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In addition, we have professional drivers in charge of the service, who are prepared to cover all areas related to both tourism and executive transport where hundreds of international business people have planned their meetings and events with us.

The experience of having managed transportation for important corporate events and operating since 2004 allows Teletrans to commit to high-quality service, efficiency, punctuality, and commitment.